A little story

A little joy began its little life in 2010!

It was set up out of our love for adorable little things and the warm feeling they send to the heart. A bit of a dreamer, we see the magical quality in all our items and indulge in the wonderland created by them. It has been a wonderful journey, we are extremely grateful for the support, input, feedback and encouragement received. With the privilege of being in the gift industry, where the expression of love, kindness and generosity is always fostered, we have been growing in a nurturing environment and are rewarded with more joy and happiness everyday.

Our items are simple yet unique, featured with lovely colours and a hint of romance. They will delight your heart and put a smile on your face.

We invite you to explore our collections and hope our products add joy to your home and life. Happy browsing and be inspired to spread a little joy~!